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An Open Pit Mine Could Be Economic

at Current Silver Prices 

The all-in sustainable costs using the current known and assessed resource for a 6-year optimized open pit mine are estimated at $13.30/ounce silver.

All-in sustainable costs are estimated to be less than $11.64/ounce silver (with additional infill and step-out drilling) at 13.4 years with a sustainable average annual production of 4,300,000 ounces silver.

Only 6% of the known veins have been explored.



Current Investment Opportunity

Obtain staged investments to further develop the property — drilling additional holes to increase the size and grade of the resource.

Timeline: 3 to 4 years.

Sell Nieves to a mining firm for outsized gains.

To receive our investment summary, please contact Christopher Wright at...


Stats on BlackBerry's

100%-Owned Nieves Property

BlackBerry Ventures I, LLC is a private investment partnership registered in New York. BlackBerry's capitalization is 6,135,300 shares with $20,000,000 invested.

  • 206 holes drilled to date.

  • 110,000,000 oz of silver identified or inferred.

  • 116,000 oz of gold identified or inferred.

  • $20M spent on research, drilling, and purchase of the property.

  • 55 square miles.

  • Located in the middle of the world’s most prolific silver mining territory— the famed Faja de Plata silver region in Mexico, home to numerous billion-ounce silver mines.

  • 60 miles north of the Fresnillo “silver district” property.

  • Best quality tailings one firm has seen in Mexico.

  • One of the lowest finding costs.

Silver's Supply & Demand

Global Demand is Growing

• Bloomberg reports 50% silver demand upside by 2023 (January 2019). Currently at 3X the demand in 2008.

• Increased demand from top importers like China and India.

• An increasing number of products needing silver: solar technology, electric cars, batteries — especially for handheld devices —, medical applications, silk screening circuit panels, and innumerable products sought by global populations entering the middle class.

• "There's been a sea change in investor sentiment that obviously drives precious metals, and silver takes its cues from there." — Maria Smirnova, Portfolio Manager with Sprott Asset Management which oversees C$10.3B. (Bloomberg, January 2019).

Production is Declining

• "Global physical demand will top supply this year [2019], according to... analysts at Societe Generale....

Silver use... has bulls betting on shrinking supply.... 'Supply growth has started to slow, more than for any other precious metal.' said John LaForge, head of real assets strategy at Wells Fargo Investment Institute." (Bloomberg, January 2019).

• Silver reserves are being used to fill the gap.

Average Grade is Falling


Silver Exploration Has Been Almost Nonexistent For the Last 7 Years

The cycle from initial exploration to full mining operations is about 10 years.

55% of All Mined Silver is Consumed

It can’t be recycled.

The Price of Silver: Linked to Gold

Bloomberg - January 2019

• “Goldman predicts gold prices to climb to highest since 2013.”

• “Goldman... is leading a pack of bullish voices cheering for gold.”

• “[Goldman] raised their price forecast for gold, predicting that over 12 months the metal will climb to $1,425 an ounce...”

• “... investors are not only closing bearish bets but are also adding to bullish positions...”

Historically, the price of silver tends to track the price of gold.


“Silver has outperformed all real assets

(real estate, commodities — even gold)

by a wide margin,

not to mention the stock and bond markets.”

Shayne McGuire

The Silver Bull Market


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