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CRM 1992

In 1992, CRM estimated the resources and reserves remaining in the Santa Rita Vein system (Table B1). These resource estimates cannot be relied upon, have not been verified by the qualified person, nor are they NI 43-

101 compliant resource estimates. The qualified person has not done sufficient work to classify the historical estimates as current mineral resource and is not treating the historical estimates as current mineral resources.

Historical Santa Rita Resources Calculated by CRM (Cavey, 1999).

historical santa rita res calc.png

Table B1

Quaterra/Blackberry 2009 and 2010 Resource Estimates

Quaterra and Blackberry contracted Caracle Creek to complete 43-101 compliant resources on the Nieves Property (Stone, 2009, 2010). The results are summarized

in Table B2 and Table B3.  Caracle Creek is not treating these resources as current; the resource within this report is the current resource on the Nieves Property.

Table B2.png

2009 Resource Estimate for the Concordia Vein System at a 60 g/t Cutoff Grade

Table B2

Table B3.png

Table B3

2010 Resource Estimate for the Concordia and Gregorio North Areas at a 45 g/t Cutoff Grade

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