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Investment Opportunity

Risk Profile

The established silver resource at Nieves (110,000,000 ounces) and the extensive knowledge of the Nieves and Americas properties minimizes financial risks to investors in today’s commodity market.  Current forecasts suggest that silver and gold prices have bottomed and are on an uptrend.  With the property ownership secured, BlackBerry has established a strengthened position for interacting with interested entities.

Favorable Risk / Reward Profile

100% ownership opens many options that maintain a reward potential and at the same time minimize risk of dilution. 

Furthermore, with Nieves’ open pit optimization and planned further exploration at Nieves and Americas, a sale of Americas could provide more than required sustenance funding with a likely unit distribution.

An Optimal Property

There are very few primary open pit silver mines in the world, and only three mines in Mexico that produce more than 5M ounces of silver per year.  An open pittable silver resource with good economics and infrastructure would be an attractive acquisition target for multiple silver companies currently producing in the Faja de Plata silver province.  While potential buyers of silver properties tend to focus on possible fatal flaws, such flaws are not present with Nieves.

● Good infrastructure

● Nearby water and power

● Privately owned (vs. owned by the Mexican government)

● Flat terrain

● Vacant land

● Friendly people raised in a mining culture

● Local labor force.

Corporate Presentation

To access BlackBerry's Corporate Presentation, including detailed information about

• Corporate Structure

• The Nieves and Americas Properties

• Management

• Risk/Reward

• Investment Opportunity

• Etc.

please click the Corporate Presentation button.

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