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• Execute the pit optimization plan by drilling up to 101 infill and step-out core holes with the goal of increasing the amount of higher grade reported silver ore within the revised pit perimeter; increase the average silver yields per metric ton of ore; and upgrade the resource classifications from inferred and indicated  to measured and indicated.


• Double the discovered and reported high grade silver resource contained within the revised pit perimeter from 34,000,000 ounces to 69,000,000 ounces while increasing the grade from 75.5 g/t to 85.05 g/t pursuant to IMC’s pit optimization plan.


• Increase the high graded reported pit resource to >200,000,000 indicated ounces while maintaining the higher grade of 85.05 g/t using a ground IP directed drill program to drill within the 8 km strike the Concordia Vein System, one of three known major braided vein systems within the Nieves Silver Property.


• Use the 2015 property-wide exploration airborne magnetic survey results to direct a drill program to target:

   - The 8 km of untested strike within the Nieves’ Silver

Property’s northern vein system (the “California”) and the 8 km of untested strike along southern vein system vein system (the “Santa Rita”), a total of approximately 100 km of untested mineralized veins.

   - The  five magnetic anomalies that could be the source of the property's extensive gold and silver mineralization.

   - The untested  vein  system indicated south of the Santa Rita.

   - The two vein systems indicated 10 km west of the Concordia.


• Increase to total inferred, indicated, and measured silver and gold resource to a plus-billion ounces of silver and a plus-million ounces of gold.

• Monetize the resulting discovered, delineated, and assessed reported silver and gold resource by the outright sale of the Property or enter into a carried joint venture or exploration option agreement with a best-in-class precious metals miner, noble metals trader, end-user, or private equity.

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